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Catalyze is a forum, created to stimulate solutions for business problems by business people. It's not a problem-solving forum, but rather through interactive and managed engagement, helps you look and resolve your own unique challenges.

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Catalyze Us!

Group Video Conferencing Sessions

Catalyze You!

Personal Video Conferencing Sessions

Catalyze One!

Face2Face Personal Sessions

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Group Catalyzing Overview

Catalyze Us is a group video conferencing service, whereby a maximum of five people attend a weekly session along with a FutureTide catalyst. Sessions are 1,5 hours in length and members are asked to define their challenges, and the group asks them pertinent questions about their specific challenge in order to stimulate solutions from them.  Only questions are asked, and examples given as the participant is expected to solve the issue themselves.  All sessions are confidential and people are matched in terms business experience and position.

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One-on-One Video Catalyzing

Catalyze You caters to those business people wanting one-on-one video conferencing sessions. The format, model and process remain as with Catalyze Us in that your problems are not solved but rather we stimulate resolutions for you.  With Catalyze You you are dealing directly with the FutureTide Catalyst. Sessions are limited to one hour but the client can specify multiple sessions per month.

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Face-to-Face Catalyzing Sessions

Catalyze 1 caters to those business people wanting personal one-on-one sessions in a location of their choice. The format, model and process is standard in that your problems are not solved for you, but rather we stimulate resolutions in you. With Catalyze 1 you are dealing personally with the FutureTide Catalyst. Sessions duration and are dependant on client needs and choice.

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